Morrissey, Never Too Chicken to Start Beef, Yells at Buzzcocks for McDonald’s Ad


When was the last time you read a headline about how great a new Morrissey song was? Can’t remember? Well, we can’t remember the last time we wrote one, but he sure keeps popping into stories, thanks mostly to his aptitude for canceling shows (and then un-canceling them) and getting angry for people who don’t agree with his PETA-related stances. It’s the latter that’s cause for Moz concern today, as he’s posted a scathing note criticizing Buzzcocks.

The note, posted to True to You, his “fan site,” aka soapbox, takes aim at British punk stalwarts Buzzcocks for licensing a song in a recent McDonald’s ad. The song is “What Do I Get?” and the answer is, apparently, a ton of licensing money from a fast food chain, but also wagging finger from Moz. His note reads:

Please, somebody, tell me it’s just a bad dream … Pete Shelley has allowed McDonald’s to use Buzzcocks’ What do I get? to TV advertise McDonald’s new Big Flavour (the flavour being sawdust) Chicken Wraps?! In the words of another Buzzcocks song: oh shit…

The interesting thing about this note is that Moz alludes to the flavor of McDonald’s new chicken wraps, but he’s never eaten a chicken wrap from McDonald’s, right? It would violate his ethics. So where does Moz get off criticizing something he knows nothing about? For what it’s worth, Pete Shelley used to be a vegetarian, but, as he revealed in this interview, he no longer is, though the rest of the Buzzcocks might be.

Man, Moz sure loves causing beef, even if he won’t eat it.

Watch the ad here. The YouTube version is here, for everyone in the UK.