Watch Cillian Murphy Plot to Kill Some Nazis in ‘Anthropoid’ Trailer


Throughout history, very few things have been objectively evil, but one of those things was the dang National Socialist German Workers’ movement in Germany. We’re talkin’ bout the Nazis, folks. Hitler and his awful cronies who brought on the second World War, murdered millions, and forever changed the landscape of the world. They’ve been at the center of plenty of films over the years, but now they’re at the center of another one. It’s called Anthropoid, it stars Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan, and it involves their two characters plotting to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the asshole behind the Final Solution.

The film is directed and co-written by Sean Ellis, and it’s aiming to be his breakout film. In it, Dornan and Murphy are members of the Czechoslovakian military, who, in 1941, return to their occupied hometown in order to carry out the assassination. The resistance’s members are few, and the stakes are high. “If we fail, I fear freedom will be wiped from the map,” someone says in a voiceover. It’s a prophecy that, thankfully, did not come true, but one which certainly could have.

The film also stars Toby Jones (Infamous), and marks Jamie Dornan’s first high profile film role since Fifty Shades of Grey, so, for his sake, let’s hope it’s good.

We’ll find out when it premieres August 12. Watch the trailer below.