Sigur Rós Tease New Content with Loopy, Looping Live Video


Earlier this morning, Icelandic post-rock whale-sound band Sigur Rós began live-streaming a looped teaser video of what seems to be a stretch of highway and desert landscape. The only words coupled with the video are the assumed title, “Sigur Ros Route One,” followed by “21.00 GMT,” which is 5 p.m. EDT.

Both the band’s Instagram and website feature the vague video, too, so they’re definitely hinting at some new creative content. Recently, Sigur Ros premiered a new song called “Óveður” at this year’s Primavera Sound, which could be included on this new project. Or not, who knows!

Either way, the band never shies away from the bizarre. Most of their music videos are odd in nature, whether because they star talking dogs, feature a naked and crying Shia LaBeouf, or are simply an instructional video on how to help a choking victim. Given the words in the video, maybe it has something to do with Shia’s hitchhiking stunt? Eh, probably not, but whatever it is we’re sure it’s going to be that is at least a little bit interesting.

We’re not sure if this is an indication of a new album release, a tour date, or anything else, but it can’t be 5 p.m. soon enough — for more than one reason.

Here’s the teaser, go ahead and kill a few of those remaining hours by watching it: