‘Veep’: Selina Meyer’s Daughter Made an Amazing Documentary, ‘Kissing Your Sister,’ and Here Is Its Website


This weekend, Veep finally showed the fruits of Catherine Meyer’s documentary filmmaking course. Throughout the show’s sixth season, the daughter of President (?) Selina Meyer has been filming everything that her mother’s done and said, and, though Selina insisted it would never amount to nothing, last night’s episode “Kissing Your Sister,” showed that documentary in its entirety. Without spoiling anything: It was great. And now this great documentary has a website and a trailer, because of course it does.

The website for Kissing Your Sister: The Story of a Tie is, to say the least, very slickly produced, and the trailer is, too. (Under the “Our Influences” section, you’ll find a quilt of queer women — and Tilda Swinton — because Catherine is now, of course, a lesbian. Most of the upcoming projects are women or LGBT related, too, as are all of the festivals in which Kissing Your Sister will be competing. Truly a thing of genius.) But, surprisingly, the trailer also looks pretty pro-Selina, so the government obviously got its grubby hands on the final cut, if not on the film then on at least the trailer.

Watch it below:

The site also has a bunch of “bonus” scenes, which are clips of interviews with all of the characters of Veep.

Including a very awkward interview with Selina:

Also, in case you missed it, be sure to check out the website for Jonah Ryan’s campaign, which is filled to the brim with uncomfortable goodies.