Be a Friend, Travel Down the Road and Back Again to Manhattan’s New ‘Golden Girls’ Restaurant


The Golden Girls might have gone off the air in 1992, but the spirit is very much alive. In fact, it’s so alive that I foretell an overwhelming attendance at the opening of a new Golden Girls-inspired restaurant. Yes, that is a thing, and the restaurant will be called Rue La Rue Café, and it’ll be in Manhattan’s Washington Heights.

The restaurant is being started by Michael J. LaRue, who was apparently a very close friend of Golden Gal Rue McClanahan. (Hence the name, Rue La Rue.) According to DNAInfo, the restaurant will serve “soups, wraps, salads, desserts, baked treats and wine,” and will be decorated with all kinds of memorabilia, which LaRue was gifted by McClanahan upon her death. Cheesecake will most likely play a role.

And, according to LaRue, Disney is totally cool with the series’ image being used for the restaurant, as they’ve apparently given him the go-ahead to manufacture his own Golden Girls merchandise. The venture is, again, according to LaRue, being undertaken in partnership with Mark Bisch, McClanahan’s son, and apparently that’s giving the whole thing the air of credibility that is so sought after by Disney.

The restaurant will be open come early September, if all goes according to plan — which doesn’t happen often with restaurants in New York City, to be honest. Plan on hitting this place up along with the Tim Burton bar in the Lower East Side, and maybe the Will Ferrell one, too, if you can’t come up with one of the million better things to do in NYC.

Oh, and if they’re doing things right, this song will be playing on repeat.