Michael Jackson’s Last Days Are Coming to TV, Thanks to J.J. Abrams and Tavis Smiley


Event series — they’re all the rage. Even if “event series” doesn’t mean that much today, other than as a way for networks to get people to watch shows. (The very good Roots remake was surely an event series, but is the new, also good O.J. Simpson docu-series? Arguably.) Anyway, this new event series will be based on the supposed final moments of Michael Jackson’s life, and it’ll be based on Tavis Smiley’s book, which was titled Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days. J.J. Abrams is set as a producer.

There’s no word as to when this will be adapted, where it will air, or who will play any of the parts. All we have is this, courtesy of a handy-dandy press release:

“examine the soaring highs and deep lows faced by the late pop star — his constant hunt for privacy in a life that was more public than almost any other, and the pressures he endured as someone whose fame made him socially fragile and almost unable to live.”

As for the book itself? Well, it’s not even out yet. So who knows how factual it all is, and how much of it is speculation. Good enough for an event series, I guess.