Watch: Samantha Bee Explains How the NRA Bought Last Night’s Accomplishment of…Nothing Whatsoever in Senate


Yesterday evening, news began to break of how the our oft-immobile Congress had achieved…nothing whatsoever, yet again. Perhaps to the surprise of few, all four of the proposed measures regarding gun control (two proposed by Democrats on background checks and the refusal of sales to people on terrorist watch lists, which the Republicans rejected, and two seemingly useless, diluted versions proposed by Republicans, which Democrats understandably deemed useless) were voted down in Senate…leaving us — even after the Dem-led filibuster that had people so excited — in the exact same place as before 49 people were murdered by a homophobe whose hate was far too easily weaponized. (And, during the filibuster, 48 other people happen to have been shot around the country).

On Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the fantastically barbed late night host covered the disheartening news surrounding Congress’ aversion to gun control amendments with refreshing anger and acidity: being simply disheartened won’t get us anywhere.

She began by recalling the enthusiasm about the filibuster as a segue into the disappointment that followed, noting how along the way Republicans like Ted Cruz twisted the narrative to insist that this isn’t a gun issue, but rather a terrorism issue. (In an amazing site-gag, after a clip of Cruz, a man appears onstage with Bee carrying a grab-bucket full of papers, labelled “Cruz Insults,” from which Bee selects a random set of words to describe the man who just had his “ass handed to him by a screaming carrot demon”).

She discussed both the exorbitant funds the NRA has given to the Senate members who ended up voting against the reforms. (She singles out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who received nearly $1 million from the NRA during his reelection campaign — but if you want a rundown of how much money every other Senator who blocked wholly crucial progress-oriented legislation received, Medium has a helpful guide!) To prove how influential this money seems to be, she goes into a history of how the Republican party hasn’t always been so deeply supportive of the NRA, noting particularly how George H. W. Bush denounced the organization. “Keep in mind — this is Papi Bush, a man who’s developed a very high tolerance for disappointment,” she says, as photos of little George and Jeb appear onscreen.

Watch the full clip below: