A New, Touring Exhibition Will Bring Together Kurt Cobain’s Visual Art and Possessions


Kurt Cobain was a multifaceted artist, who not only of course fronted Nirvana, but also, as Artnet News notes, created the band’s artwork for albums like In Utero and Incesticide. But there is more where that came from — and a lot of it is going to be on display for the public to see in an upcoming, touring exhibition.

The traveling show is being organized by Jeff Jampol, owner of Jampol Artist Management or Jam Inc., which seeks to ensure that musicians maintain their legacy after passing. The post-mortem manager has had artists like Janis Joplin, The Ramones and Otis Redding under his name, and Kurt Cobain is just another great on the list. There is no word yet on what exact pieces will be featured in the show, or where exactly they’ll be traveling. But late last week Jampol spoke with the New York Times, saying that his work is “going to be relevant for centuries… He’s got some amazing canvases that a lot of the world has never seen or even heard of.”

He spoke in the Times of his particular methodology for, well, honoring the dead while clearly reaping the benefits of said homage:

A lot of people approach these legacies as vultures winging around this decomposing body looking for little islands of still-pink flesh they can consume…I take the opposite approach. I believe in reanimating the body, and then all the revenue streams will come with it.