Tyler, the Creator Remixed “Pillowtalk,” Because Apparently Zayn Is Flakey


Back in 2015, Tyler, the Creator apparently extended an offer to collaborate with Zayn Malik, and Zayn seemed to have been down with it, and yet no track has ever surfaced. We’ve all been waiting, and, as it turns out, Tyler was waiting, too. Well, he’s done waiting. In an entirely yellow outfit (what else?), Tyler bounces and sways around to his own remix of Zayn’s “Pillowtalk,” a track from the pop singer’s first solo album, Mind of Mine.

The video, according to Tyler’s Twitter, was filmed back in March. We must admit the track and video are low-key, but maybe high-key also really damn groovy and good. And, as the rapper points out on his Twitter, it’s not even mixed yet.

In a myriad of tweets Tyler goes from complimenting himself to completely calling out Zayn for bailing on a couple of their studio sessions. He didn’t have any artwork to accompany the remixed tune so he decided it was best to create his own stunning visuals.

Really, we don’t mind Zayn ghosting Tyler, so long as it means we get more funky remixes — or at least more videos goofing in yellow outfits. Never have enough of those on the internet.

You can watch the truly zany (sorry) Zayn-inspired video below.