Bryan Cranston Goes for the Oscar as Zordon in New ‘Power Rangers’ Film


In case you hadn’t heard, they’re making a new Power Rangers movie. It could even be classified as, gasp, a reboot, seeing as Elizabeth Banks has been cast as Rita Repulsa, the series’ original baddie. That one such high-profile actor had signed on for a Power Rangers film was strange enough, but what’s even more of a shocker is the news of who is set to play Zordon, the Power Rangers’ bald, floating advisor. It’s Bryan Cranston, also known as Heisenberg, aka the one who knocks.

News of Cranston’s casting came via the official Power Rangers Twitter account, which is the most trusted source of Power Rangers news, obviously. But other, more Ranger-informed outlets reported that this wasn’t Cranston’s first time in the world of the tightly suited super teenagers. No, the Breaking Bad star had provided voices for two villains before: first, he was cast as Snizard. Then, he was cast as Twinman. Legend has it that Cranston’s presence on set was such a beautiful thing that he was the inspiration for the last name of the Blue Ranger: Billy Cranston. No word yet from Vince Gilligan as to whether or not the connection to the Blue Ranger has anything to do with the blue color of Heisenberg’s crystal meth, but zero sources can confirm that that is, indeed, the inspiration.

Power Rangers is set for a March 24, 2017 release. Cranston’s Academy Award for the role will probably be handed out in February of 2018.