El-P Is Not Happy About Kevin Hart’s New Movie, ‘Run the Jewels’


This is fairly straightforward beef: Kevin Hart, the omnipresent superstar comedian, is attached to a new film called Run the Jewels. The film will follow a failed hip-hop group who attempts to rob a wealthy rap mogul, which kind of sounds like Tower Heist, or any other heist movie. El-P, one half of hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, is not happy about this movie. The reason? Well, it’s right in the name.

Referencing the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, El-P tweeted this:

And then, of course, there’s this three-year-old tweet that fans have dug up:

The fact that Kevin Hart thought he could get away with making a movie called Run the Jewels, and make it about a group of rappers no less, without pissing off the actual people who rap under the name Run the Jewels, is just absurdity. But, does El-P have any legal recourse? We’ll see.

For now, more about the film: Alex Blagg (Workaholics) and Neel Shah (Puerto Ricans in Paris) wrote the thing, and it’s being produced at Universal, which is Hart’s preferred studio, it seems. For his part, Hart has yet to tweet about anything other than his recent film, Central Intelligence. Which is a good movie!