Finally, Jerry’s Apartment from ‘Seinfeld’ Is Playable in ‘Doom II’


Doom II: Hell on Earth was released in 1994, just five years into the life of Seinfeld, perhaps America’s greatest sitcom. The popularity of the 22-year-old game has come and gone over the years, but there have always been diehard fans who have toyed around with the design of the thing via modding. And now one of those modders has gone and done the impossible, the beautiful: they’ve gone and recreated Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment as a playable level in Doom II.

The creator, Doug Keener, states in the description of his YouTube video that the characters of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are killable(!) because he wanted to keep in the spirit of the game, and that it shouldn’t be misinterpreted as hate for the Seinfeld cast. It also took him more than 100 hours to complete, and no hate can be that powerful. At least, not for a TV show.

It all looks very accurate to the show, but the best part of it is for sure the soundtrack, a screwed and chopped version of the signature bass-line soundtrack, as well some pretty key soundbites (“These pretzels are making me thirty, for example.)

Watch a run-thru below. You can download the mod here if you happen to have a copy of the game installed.