Video of the Day: Amanda Palmer Takes on Tegan and Sara, Lady Gaga, and Madonna


Amanda Palmer is no stranger to what she has dubbed Karaoke Verité, or the art of the lip-sync video. In the past, the former Dresden Doll has tackled both Avril Lavigne and Cyndi Lauper via the format, but during a recent visit to NYC, she brought the concept a little closer to her own heart. Hitting the streets of downtown Manhattan, Palmer began accosting a number of unwitting passersby as she offered her own visual take on Tegan and Sara’s 2009 single “Hell.”

Palmer and the Canadian-twin duo have long shared a mutual-affection society, frequently covering each other’s material, and the former felt compelled to offer her video version of “Hell” after hearing Tegan’s explanation of what the song is really about. Meanwhile, never one to sit on her laurels, Palmer has also posted a blog response in the form of a new song called “Gaga, Palmer, Madonna.” The title is pretty straightforward regarding the three performers featured as subject matter; perhaps more notable is the fact that this song was written immediately before it was posted.

Watch both videos below.