Get Your Exclusive Invite to Join Blippy


Imagine a world where your friends can virtually see everything you buy with your credit card. At first glance, it’s the apex of letting it all hang out digitally, but it could also be an easy way to keep track of your purchases and ensure you’re not paying more than your buds for the same products or services.

Philip Kaplan, the internet entrepreneur behind Blippy (and the founder of Fucked Company) admits that his latest web venture isn’t for everyone. “I guess you need to have the right temperament if you to want to blog and tweet and Facebook and all that,” he recently told the New York Times. “It’s just another way of saying, ‘Here’s what I’m doing,’ or ‘Here’s where I am,’ or ‘Here’s a band that I’m really into’ — obviously, because I just bought five of their albums.”

It also appears to do some things we didn’t know was possible: “The cool thing about iTunes and Amazon is that you can show the exact product that you’re buying, not just the amount,” Kaplan says. We’re not sure if it’s yet able to tell if that $100 you spent at the restaurant was a meal for two or 12 shots of tequila.

Blippy is currently in invitation-only beta testing, but Philip wants to give 100 invites to Flavorpill readers. To get yours, simply shoot us an email The first 100 to respond are in!