‘Mr. Robot’ Will Have a Live After Show Called ‘Hacking Robot,’ Because Why Not?


It’s not enough for a cable network to have a great show. It’s also got to have a talk show to follow that great show. This is why HBO’s Game of Thrones has After the Thrones, and The Walking Dead has The Talking Dead, and before that they had the failed Talking Saul, and Talking Bad. That’s the great thing about talking: it can be done about anything! Well, it’s going to be done about Mr. Robot, too, as it was just announced that USA will air Hacking Robot after each second season episode. No host has been announced, just the talking. The talking has been announced and confirmed and will surely happen, but we don’t know who will do the talking.

Other exciting news for fans of Mr. Robot, though, is that the second season order has been extended to 12 episodes, and that the creator of the show, Sam Esmail, will direct all of the episodes. (He shared directing duties for the first season.) In this way, Mr. Robot and USA are kind of doing the opposite of True Detective, which had Cary Fukunaga direct all of its first season episodes, and then split the second season duties, resulting in an awful second season. Hopefully changing directing strategies doesn’t result in a subpar second season for Mr. Robot, as the first was a serious highlight of last year.

The second season begins July 13, with two back-to-back episodes airing with limited commercial interruption.

Watch the trailer below: