J.K. Rowling, Lindsay Lohan, More (Rightfully) Have a Lot of Feelings About the Brexit Vote


The results from the British referendum are in, and it looks like the country will leaving the EU, following the advice of Boris Johnson, “a man with both the look and economic insight of Bam Bam from ‘The Flintstones.” Judging from Twitter, most celebrities were upset about the final results, though some, like (GASP) pro-Brexit Piers Morgan used the opportunity to break out the word “numpty” on-air.

Stars like J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, and James Corden seemed solemn, while Ricky Gervais, Hugh Laurie, and Armando Ianucci were a bit more sardonic. Gervais, Lily Allen, and, of all people, Lindsay Lohan have been actively tweeting since the results came out (Lohan’s tweets have since been deleted), stressing that most of the pro-Brexit voters will actually wind up being the worst affected. (But you’re not in the clear either, Americans.)

Read all of their reactions below:

#besmart pay attention and work hard to buy @chanel #remain where’s Sunderland? https://t.co/EyG3WpKPdC

Ironically, the ultimate mic drop came courtesy of American W. Kamau Bell: