Harry Styles Makes His Own Brexit, Signs Solo Contract


It’s an interesting day for Britain, given the result of the Brexit referendum (they’re leaving the EU), but an even more interesting day for One Directioners, as Harry Styles has reportedly signed a solo contract with Columbia Records, which is also where One Direction was signed, as Billboard writes.

The wild-haired YSL kid isn’t exactly surprising anyone with this move, seeing as he registered four songs of his own with ASCAP last year. Also, he’s filming a Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk, and so is effectively positioning himself to be the group’s Timberlake, only now that he has cut his hair (though, still, I will affectionately refer to him as “wild-haired”) he doesn’t have the potential to earn that same bad reputation.

There’s no word yet on what Styles’s solo music will sound like. Will it be the nü-R&B of his former bandmate, Zayn Malik? Or will it be something more rocking, you know, with some power chords and beer and easy tie-ins for Hedi Slimane? Probably the latter, at the very least because it guarantees an easy way to set himself apart from Zayn, and also it’ll be easier to hide his subpar vocal abilities if they’re buried under loud rock instrumentation.

Anyway, for all the disenchanted youth of the UK: at least some music you might like (or hate) is probably coming from a One Direction guy. So, it’s not all bad, right? Even if this means One Direction is maybe gone forever.