Watch: Get a Little High with Your Friends and the New Teaser for ‘High Maintenance’


There’s little we can rely on for happiness in the world today, but one of those things, for many people, is weed. And weed is the central character in High Maintenance, which is coming to HBO this fall. And a new teaser has just been released. Watch it and maybe you can acquire a little bit of a contact high to dampen whatever bad news may have soured you on this fine Friday.

Actually, weed isn’t really the central character in the show, but it (and money!) acts as the main driver for the show’s star, The Guy (Ben Sinclair), who is a weed delivery man. But, really, it’s not about The Guy — that’s why his name is just The Guy” — it’s about the people to whom he is delivering the dank goodness. The show was created by Sinclair and his wife, Katja Blichfeld, and was originally exclusive to Vimeo, but that changes later this year when it comes to HBO, though there’s not yet any hard/fast release date.

Watch the teaser below, and read our previous coverage of the show here.