Watch Twin Peaks Perform on ‘Conan’


Twin Peaks have nothing to do with David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, and yet, in a way, the band is almost as good. Of course, that depends on whether or not you’re down with some good old-fashioned, ass-kickin’, boozy rock ‘n’ roll. Their new album, Down in Heaven, is still one of the best stompers released in 2016, and they brought that energy to the stage of the Conan show last night with a performance of “Walk to the One You Love.”

The performance here only solidifies the fact that the band is one of the most consistent rock acts today, and it’s clear from their tight performance that they’ve been road tested. Always nice, too, when Conan greets the band post-performance and is obviously brimming with enthusiasm. Nothing beats an endorsement from a late night host. Well, except for album sales, I guess.

Watch the performance below. The band’s currently on tour, and will perform in July at the Pitchfork Music Festival, where they’ve collaborated with Goose Island to release a beer called “Natural Villain.” It’s classified as a “garage lager,” though no word yet on how exactly a garage lager will taste.