Yes, Sia’s New Diplo-Produced Song from ‘The Neon Demon’ Is Quite the Jam


Nicolas Winding Refn’s new bloodsucking model movie, The Neon Demon, might not be great, unless you like Refn’s aesthetic of hyper-violent pastiche, in which case, it’s amazing! Anyway, the soundtrack for that film is, even when removed from the visuals, fairly stunning. And it includes a new track from Sia, which you can listen to now.

Titled “Waving Goodbye,” the Diplo-produced track is actually less maudlin than one might imagine, given the nihilistic attitude of the film. This could, for better or worse, fit right in on the loudspeakers of a club full of finely dressed attractive folks grinding up against one another while maybe someone — a vampire? — makes love to a dead/dying body in the bathroom, but also maybe not. Either way, yes, indeed, this song is quite the jam for which to get down to.

The score for the film was composed by Cliff Martinez, who also composed the score for Drive, the Ryan Gosling-starring film that made Refn an arthouse-hold name. Julian Winding, Refn’s son, also appears on the soundtrack.

Listen to the Sia song below, and wave goodbye to this awful week.