Sam Bee and David Tennant Take on the Brexit — and Trump, of Course


Ah, Sam Bee. What would we do without your ability to pointedly express the world’s anger on a weekly basis via Full Frontal? Especially when the world is giving you so much to work with this year? This week, of course, the world gave Bee Britain’s exit from the European Union to work with, and, as you could expect, she dissects the Brexit in ways that most other American talk show hosts could only dream of. (Oh, except for her former Daily Show colleague, John Oliver, who rightly eviscerated the Brexit.)

Bee begins the segment by exclaiming, “Britain, Britain, Britain! What in the name of Margaret Thatcher’s iron bustier have you done?” and continuing, “Normally, news from the UK is fun and relaxing! It involves lots of fancy babies, and adorably silly pensioners. But, suddenly, those pensioners aren’t so adorable, because they just voted to kick their grandkids, their nation, their continent, and the global economy right in the goolies.”

She then cycles through all of the depressing soundbites we’ve heard over the past few days: the Leave voters who woke up to realize they’d made a mistake; Nigel Farage admitting that the Leave campaign lied about NHS funding; Donald Trump making a complete ass of himself in Scotland — basically everything that is almost as depressing as the cold, hard facts of the Brexit. In the end, all that was left to do was to have Dr. Who himself, David Tennant, read some of the best, most creatively acerbic tweets made by Scots after Trump’s visit. My personal favorite? Trump being called a “cocksplat.” Stick around, too, for the wonderful Photoshopping of Trump’s head onto a demonic statue. Or is it a gargoyle? Either way, it’s his true form revealed.

Watch the video below: