Justin Long, Jon Heder, and Paul W. Downs Star in New, non-‘Ghostbusters’ Movie About Busting Ghosts


Let’s hope for the sake of Paul Feig’s hugely anticipated Ghostbusters film that there’s room for two groups of ghost hunters this summer, because a trailer just dropped for Ghost Team, and it promises to be stiff competition. Kind of.

The Ghost Team team consists of Justin Long, David Krumholtz, Melonie Diaz, Broad City‘s Paul W. Downs, and Jon Heder, who is still clinging to the name he made for himself in movies like Napoleon Dynamite and Blades of Glory. (Generously, the whole team appears in this quirky, lovable trailer.) And, unsurprisingly, Heder doesn’t wander too far from his typical schtick, even as the leader of a pack of misfit nerds on a ghost-hunting adventure.

The group of pseudo vagabonds, whether that’s the mall cop (Long) or the depressed copy-shop clerk (Heder), creates makeshift gadgets to investigate a haunted home Heder hears about at work. From Ouija boards to night vision cameras duct-taped to a helmet, the team takes a roundabout and outlandish way to try and find some kind of demons, mostly as a way to bring some excitement to their lives. What’s a better motivator than ennui, right?

Written and directed by Oliver Irving, the film is set to release this summer on August 12.

Watch the trailer below: