Watch Silver-Wigged Angel Olsen Have a Meltdown in a Roller Rink in “Shut Up Kiss Me” Video


So that’s why the “Intern” video was billed as a trailer: the silver tinsel-wigged character Angel Olsen played in that 2 minute clip seems to actually have a much longer journey ahead of her, and one that is continued in the musician’s second video/single from her upcoming album, My Woman (out September 2 on Jagjaguwar).

The video, which is self-directed, accompanies the track “Shut Up Kiss Me,” which is tonally a far cry from the first track released from the album. While “Intern” was a song that seemed intentionally suspended in a sonic limbo, its synths sleepily carrying Olsen’s voice, “Shut Up Kiss Me” is an exceedingly forward, guitar-led song, commingling grunge and a chorus that sounds plucked from an early 60s-rock anthem.

In the video, the silver-bob-sporting character seemingly picks up where she left off, but with a far less dejected attitude; she’s still carrying around that landline telephone from the last video, but now instead of picking it up mournfully, she sings into it with a healthy dose of animosity, then laces herself into roller skates and has a meltdown on the floor of a roller rink.

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