Halle Berry and Daniel Craig to Possibly Star in L.A. Riots Movie from ‘Mustang’ Director


In today’s edition of Gorgeous People Doing Things: Daniel Craig is officially in talks to star with Halle Berry in Deniz Ergüven’s L.A. Riots film, The Kings, based on the aftermath of the Rodney King trial.

Craig will play Ollie, one of the only white residents who lives in South Central, who becomes acquainted with Berry’s character, a tough-but-loving single mother. (Is there any other kind?) Later, Ollie helps Berry’s character find her kids and remove them from the worst violence of the L.A. Riots. (Doesn’t sound like unnecessary white saviorism at all. Ha ha. Did we mention they fall in love at the end?)

Ergüven, a French-Turkish director born in Ankara, is said to have dreamed of making The Kings since she graduated from the French Fémis film school. Her debut film in Turkish, Mustang, a semi-autobiographical film about five orphaned sisters growing up in a conservative Turkish village, won multiple César awards, and the Caméra d’Or at Cannes.

Until the movie starts filming, Craig and Berry will keep busy, with the former 007 agent already signed to produce a 20-episode TV series based on Jonathan Franzen’s Purity, and future spy Berry currently filming an upcoming Kingsman sequel.