Jordan Peele Does a Verbatim Recreation of the Infamous Drunk James Brown Interview


James Brown was an iconic artist, topping charts, selling out shows, even stopping riots. But following an alleged altercation with then wife, Adrienne Rodriguez, involving a lead pipe and a gun shot, Brown participated in what some would call an inebriated interview on CNN for Sonya Live in L.A.

In a five-minute-long, word-for-word reenactment of the interview, Jordan Peele precisely nails not just every word but every minute detail of Brown’s mannerisms. But in regards to this interview alone, “nutsoid,” as Peele says, might be the only way to preface it.

In the interview, Brown is incessantly asked about both the altercation and his newfound bachelor status in which he reveals he “makes love good.” Between reminding us that this is a man’s world, getting up and dancing, and evading almost every question, Brown becomes quite an overzealous version of himself.

Watch both the original interview and Peele’s version below.