New Trial Granted for ‘Serial”s Adnan Syed


Justin Brown, the lawyer for Serial‘s Adnan Syed, announced via Twitter today that a Baltimore judge has granted Syed a new trial. Syed was, of course, at the center of the murder of Hae Min Lee, which served as the story for the first season of Serial, Sarah Koenig’s true crime podcast that helped launch the current true crime craze.

Koenig and her producers had announced earlier this year that they planned to revisit the first season’s narrative, seeing as the retrial process had been underway, and this decision will surely spark even more coverage, from Koenig and others. There hadn’t been much in the news about Syed other than the fact that he was fasting for Ramadan while the retrial was decided upon.

According to Brown, a press conference will be held later today: