Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Infiltrates a White Supremacist Terrorist Group in Chilling ‘Imperium’ Trailer


Well this sure looks frighteningly timely: with white supremacists finding themselves motivated in being even more grossly vocal on both sides of the Atlantic by the likes of the Trump campaign and Brexit, the extreme right (both in the U.S. and in Europe) is seeming like a more and more serious threat. And that threat is now the subject of an upcoming Daniel Radcliffe-starring thriller, Imperium, whose first trailer was just released today.

The film, written and directed by Daniel Ragussis (in his feature debut) sees Radcliffe playing a fairly green FBI agent who’s sent into the belly of a white supremacist terrorist group as an undercover agent, dealing with the psychological horrors of having to pretend to be one of them. The film was inspired by true events, and Michael German, the agent on whom Imperium is based, helped with the conceiving of the story. Toni Collette, famed playwright Tracy Letts, and The Knick‘s Chris Sullivan also star.

Radcliffe, who’s currently earning praise for bringing unexpected life to a gassy corpse in Swiss Army Man, is also now starring in a production called Privacy about the publicness of personal information in our era — at New York’s Public Theater.

Watch the trailer: