Watch Frank Ocean Move Water With His Mind (and His Calvins, Apparently) in Calvin Klein Ad


Calvin Klein has a somewhat surreal and moody new ad campaign for Fall 2016, and it stars Frank Ocean. In the just-released one-minute ad, Ocean enters a generic ’90s-ish talk show set, but then he’s also watching himself on the TV, and also talking directly to the camera as it shifts in and out of focus, and also walking at a diagonal, and also moving water with his mind and presumably whatever products Calvin Klein is selling.

Of course, people would probably rather hear Ocean talk about his upcoming album than his Calvins, but the impatient might soon be in luck after their long (and vocal) wait since 2012’s Channel Orange. Originally, Ocean had teased that an album titled Boys Don’t Cry would be released in July 2015, but recently he re-teased a July 2016 release on his website, with a hilariously self-aware post for his anticipating fans: he posted a library due date card with all of the assorted dates on which people might have expected/hoped the album would be released.

Young Thug is also the subject of a separate (shorter) video released by the company. Kate Moss and soccer player James Rodriguez have likewise joined the campaign.

Watch the Frank Ocean and Young Thug videos below: