Watch the First, Sleepily Intriguing Trailer For Donald Glover’s Show, ‘Atlanta’


FX just released the first trailer for its new series Atlanta, created by Donald Glover, who is also executive producing and starring in the show. The trailer, as it moves through multiple shots of Glover’s sleeping face, unfortunately raises more questions than it answers: does he have a kid in this show? Why is he in a suit in a hammock? Who has un-ironic hammocks anymore? Oh, and what’s with the bunk beds?

What we do know about the show is that it’s about two cousins in the Atlanta rap scene, and has a cast chock-full of talented, gorgeous people. There’s Keith Stanfield, who played Snoop Dogg in Straight Outta Compton, as well as Zazie Beets and Brian Tyree Henry. From what can be taken from the interviews Glover has given, the show will probably be a Janelle-Monáe-level love-letter to Atlanta. This is gonna be a good fall season.

Atlanta will premiere on FX Tuesday, September 6. Watch the sleepy trailer below: