10 Fun Ways to Kill Time Today


So it’s almost Christmas, but somehow you’re still at work. Which would be fine, except it feels like every office except yours has shut down for the holidays, and you don’t have any work to do that couldn’t wait until after the break. Or you’re already at home, twiddling your thumbs because daytime TV sucks and no one’s updating their blogs (present company excluded, at least for the next eight or so hours). Or you’re stuck at an airport. You’ve already read every celebrity weekly, and it’s way too early to grab a drink at Chili’s.

Fear not, legions of the bored: Busy yourselves with our list of the most entertaining, nonsensical and time-wasting places on the internet. If you’re really at a loss for things to do, suggest some we’ve missed.

1. For readers of Kafka – Doors

2. For the bizarre at heart – Jello Time

3. For aspiring DJs – Drums

4. For the indecisive – Color Flip

5. For gleeful sadists – Screaming Beans

6. For puppy lovers – the ubiquitous Screen Clean

7. For aspiring mandala makers – Falling Sand

8. For social wordsmiths – Fridge Letters

9. For the morbidly bored – Watch Grass Grow

10. For everyone else – Rafael Rozendaal‘s cacophony of pointless but often awesome internet toys (as you’ll notice, we’ve already suggested some of his favorites)