Listen: Pixies Release Blitzy Headbanger Single “Um Chagga Lagga” and Announce New Album


While your life has been sadly Pixie-less since 2014’s Indie Cindy, that’s all about to change soon. (Admittedly, the gap between now and 2014 is far less immense than that between Indie Cindy and Trompe Le Monde — released in 1991.) The band just announced their upcoming (12-track) album, Head Carrier, and with that announcement they released a new single, “Um Chagga Lagga.” Head Carrier is set to drop on September 30.

The single is very peppy, reminiscent of a White-Stripes-like, lower-toned “Ballroom Blitz.” The band recorded Head Carrier in RAK Studios in London; it will feature art by Vaughan Oliver, who also created the visuals for most of their other studio albums. This will be Pixies’ second album since reuniting in 2013, after officially breaking up twenty years prior.

David Lovering, the band’s drummer, said in a statement:

This was a wonderful luxury, for us to have the time to be able to really work these new songs out. By the time we started recording, we all knew the songs backwards and forwards, so it took half as long for us to make this album as it did to make ‘Indie Cindy.’ And it was great working with Tom… he started with us in pre-production and played a big part in keeping us focused on making the best music we could.

Listen below: