Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, and More Go to Bed to Parody Kanye


A satirical (and much shorter) take on Kanye’s controversial “Famous” video was just released by the BBC. The recreation bounces between Bieber complimenting Cheryl Cole to Nick Jonas struggling to seem comfortable in his squeaky leather jacket — or in general, really.

The reasoning behind the video? Not much, but the network captioned the video on YouTube with, “We watched the new Kanye video and thought it was weird as hell, so we made a SFW version (that’s still weird) with a load of famous people.”

Although The BBC Radio 1 wasn’t the first to create their version of Kanye’s “Famous” (Aziz Ansari made a now removed official unofficial music video), their SFW parody of the music video puts some pretty great celebrities in bed together. Along with Bieber and Jonas, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cheryl, Troye Sivan, Meghan Trainor, Craig David, and 5 Seconds of Summer cozy up in a large white bed.

Trainor continuously tells Sivan “no” (but not in that way) and Jepsen spills to Jonas that she “really really really really really really” likes him. The video is cute, concise, and everyone seems to be clothed. It’s pretty much the total opposite of Ye’s.

You can watch the original video here, and the playful parody video below.