Watch the New Video from Kathleen Hanna’s The Julie Ruin


It’ll be a shame if Kathleen Hanna is always best known from her work in Bikini Kill or Le Tigre, because she’s doing some really great work with her new project, The Julie Ruin. The band released Run Fast in 2013, and their sophomore effort, Hit Reset, is set for a July 8 release. That’s tomorrow! In anticipation of that release, the band has released a video for “I’m Done,” directed by Laura Parnes, who is an artist worth knowing in her own right.

As the video begins, it finds Hanna as the subject of an awkward interview (wherein the interviewer asks her to read mean things that have been written about her on the internet). She quickly runs out of the room and finds her way to a karaoke bar, where she performs in front of a series of karaoke backgrounds that really makes your local haunt look pathetic. There’s a futuristic, Matrix-esque thing, some inky bubbles on a nature background, and a nice, peaceful forest. Everything you could ever want.

The video was premiered at Rookie, and here’s what Hanna had to say about what “I’m Done” actually means, at least in the context of this single:

It’s weird. When I made the jacket for the video, it could’ve meant “I’m done,” or “I’m exhausted,” or “I can’t do this anymore.” Or it can mean, “I’m done with your fucking shit!” In a way, they’re the same. […] The hate mail, the dudes mansplaining feminism to me on Twitter, or writing me these fucked up messages. Anti-abortion people messing with me. People who somehow get my email address and write these really horrible, horrible things—I was just like, “I’m done taking this personally.” I’m not gonna take this personally anymore. This has nothing to do with me. People don’t know me.

Watch the video for “I’m Done” below: