Watch Vaginas Come to Life and Frolic in Peaches’ Video for “Vaginoplasty”


Canadian musician Peaches has persisted to give zero shits about the mainstream for plenty of years, and, oddly enough, that is exactly what has allowed her to become (and remain) so relevant. One of the most brilliant manifestations of Peaches’ signature aesthetic is the new video for “Vaginoplasty,” which is a song from her 2015 album Rub.

The video stars a veritable who’s who of subculture stars, including Margaret Cho, Christeene, and Murray Hill. The song features singer Simonne Jones, and it includes these lyrics: “I was blessed with big big big lips/ When I dip they dip dip dip lips/ Catch the whiff coming off my midriff/ Wake up bitch and lick lick lick this,” so you know it’s good.

Oh, also, these people are all wearing vagina costumes, or something like a vagina costume. There’s synchronized swimming. There’s very little else to say, so just watch the video below.