Download: Christmas Songs for Rap Nerds


Courtesy of the magnificent DJ1000TimesYes (aka Chris Weingarten), we have been blessed with the Top 10 Christmas Rap songs. (His knowledge of the sub-genre is so profound that he’s even DJing an entire set of Christmas Rap songs in Williamsburg tonight.) When asked for this Top 10, he delivered it without hesitation. Mr. Weingarten is also the man who reviewed 1000 records via Twitter this year and his encyclopedic mastery of X-mas rhymes only further his legend. Streaming and downloadable songs after the jump.

1. Run DMC – “Christmas in Hollis” “It needs no explanation – everyone knows it. It’s as classic as a Christmas rap gets, it’s as classic as Christmas songs get! It’s probably the best Chistmas song to be written in the last 30 years. It’s untouchable.”

[Download Here] via Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

2. David Banner – “The Christmas Song” “That song is a real summary of everything David Banner does well. It’s political and angry and a little bit gangster and heartbreaking all at the same time. It’s basically about how he’s broke on Christmas and how he has to rob people to get Christmas presents. It’s a really touching song.”

3. Outkast – “Player’s Ball” “It’s the very first Outkast single ever released . . . when they wanted to make a single of it, they took out all the remnants of Christmas and made it their breakthrough single.”

[Download Here]

4. Kurtis Blow – “Christmas Rappin'” “Unstoppable ’70s disco rap.”

[Download Here] via The Burning Ear

5. Treacherous Three – “Xmas Rap” “Late era Sugar Hill stuff . . . a little political and a little reality rap mixed with humor and jokes.”

[Download Here]

6. The 69 Boyz – “What You Want for Christmas” “It’s becoming a bit of a new classic among people that DJ out Christmas rap. It’s sort of Southern based in style, super high tempo and super happy.”


[Download Here] via All Up in You Ear Hole

7. Eazy-E – “Merry Motherf*cking Christmas” “So willfully explicit, a very dirty song, but it’s definitely a crowdpleaser.”


[Download Here] via All Up In Your Ear Hole

8. Ras Kass – “Jack Frost” “That dude is just one of the most underrated rhymers of all time. He just goes real deep and doesn’t let go.”


[Download Here]

9. The Cold Chillin’ Juice Crew – “Cold Chilling Christmas” “Has the whole Cold Chillin’ roster doing their thing in that kind of way that makes 1988 hip hop’s best year. Everyone is having fun and experimenting; it’s a really neat song.”


[Download Here]

10. Hard Call Xmas – “My Christmas Bells” “Mad props to Peanut Butter Wolf who is a huge Christmas rap nerd and put this on the Stone’s Throw Christmas comp, but it’s actually from 1987 and it’s sort of a parody of LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells,” but about Christmas. Any rap nerd thinks this is hilarious.”


[Download Here] via Discopunk