20 Body Part-Covered Book Covers


As a race, we’re totally obsessed with ourselves. Much of our art is about introspection, self-discovery, and self-expression, and we ascribe human characteristics to anything we can — cars, clocks, can openers — whenever we can. So then, to complement what may be the most stereotypically introspective art form — the written word — it makes some amount of sense that graphic designers and artists would go to the body. After all, the more easily and immediately we can subconsciously see ourselves in something, the more we love it (just ask Scott McCloud). But there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re a narcissistic species, and hey, it’s been working for us. Check out our collection of gorgeously designed book covers featuring body parts and revel in your humanity for a while.

Design by Peter Mendelsund

Design by Milan Bosic

Design by Darren Haggar

Something’s wrong with this guy’s hands.

Design by Chip Kidd

This guy’s too.

(True story: after this book came out, someone sent Chip Kidd a letter expressing how how thankful they were that he had used this photo and how glad they were that someone else out there in the world had six fingers like them. Kidd didn’t have the heart to tell them it was Photoshop.)

Design by John Gall

Design by Henry Sene Yee

Design by Christopher Moisan

Design by Rob Grom

Hair counts.

Design by Alvaro Villanueva

Finger not the body part you initially thought of? Us neither. We think (hope) he’s selling himself short.

Design by John Gall

Design by Kapo Ng

Design by Jarrod Taylor

In case you didn’t know in which part of your heart each of these authors belonged.

Design by Gregg Kulick

Design by Jason Heuer

The cover is actually perforated — click here for a more pictures.

Design by Carin Goldberg

Design by Peter Mendelsund

Design by Evan Gaffney

Design by Paul Sahre

Design by Jamie Keenan

Design by Mark Melnick

Any favorite body parts we’ve missed? Our ears are open.