M.I.A. Is “So on the Verge of Leaking” Her Potential “Last” LP


M.I.A. is threatening to leak her new and purportedly “last” album. This is not the first time she has threatened to leak her new and purportedly “last” album. She reported having finished it in May, when she also said that it’ll “be up to” her American label, Interscope, to determine when it comes out — that is, if she didn’t leak it first. On previewing the track “Finally,” she’d said, on Periscope, that she’d “love to leak” it. (She’d also mentioned considering just, as an artist, giving up on trying not to be offensive “and go[ing] back to saying whatever the fuck [she] want[s] wherever [she] want[s] to, even on Periscope,” warning that her career might just turn into Periscoping “a beat… every day and just chat[ting] over it.”)

The biggest impetus for her to leak the album — or to simply repeat that she has a desire to leak the album — is suggested within the body of these two new Tweets:

And said desire is fueled by a similarly rebellious vagueness to that heard in “Borders,” in which “What’s up with that?” was asked of…just about everything — from “families” to “your beliefs” to saying “slayin’ it”: