John Oliver Reviews YouTube Comments About ‘Last Week Tonight’ — and His “Alien Caterpillar” Eyebrows


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is currently off the air for a few weeks, but Oliver has made sure to continue being a presence on the Internet by posting amusing bits of content from the Last Week Tonight set in the interim.

“Here, I’m on YouTube, like I’m about to give the least anticipated makeup tutorial of all time,” he says at the beginning of a clip released last night, in which he reviews his own series’ fan mail. But since physical fan mail doesn’t really exist anymore, the YouTube clip got meta and turned its focus towards the most common form of contemporary fan mail — the YouTube comment, or as Oliver puts it, “written argument[s] for never learning how to read.” (The clip is basically the Jimmy Kimmel “celebrities reading mean Tweets” schtick, but with a funnier celebrity reading them.)

The comments run the gamut from wildly flattering — “John Oliver has magnificent eyebrows” — to mildly off-putting and even othering — “John Olivers [sic] eyebrows are alien caterpillars and move independently of each other.” And of course, some comments aren’t even about his eyebrows. (“John Oliver looks like a mix between a Pokemon and a child molester.)