The Greatest Dinner Parties in Cinema History


There are a few key components to the ultimate dinner party: good food, interesting guests, and of course, the perfect cocktail. For that, we rely on Woodford Reserve, which also inspired this roundup of the greatest dinner parties in cinema history. Dig in.

Big Night

An exacting Italian-American chef and his restauranteur brother prepare an exquisite feast for this “big night” — and guest of honor, crooner Louis Prima. We won’t spoil anything, but keep an eye on the timpano.

Like Water for Chocolate

We’ve all probably said a dish was “made with love,” but Like Water for Chocolate takes that aphorism literally. The movie is founded in magical realism, and shows us what happens when longing and passion are cooked into every meal.


Any dinner party that includes ghost possession and a fully choreographed Harry Belafonte lip sync battle will obviously rank on this list.

Babette’s Feast

Spinster sisters. A strict, religious community. An aging French housekeeper. These don’t sound like the ingredients of a riveting and emotional (not to mention delicious!) drama, but trust us, they are.

Tom Jones

Find someone who looks at you the way Tom Jones and Mrs. Waters look at each other. And eat.

Eat Drink Man Woman

We challenge you not to salivate during Ang Lee’s heartfelt family portrait. The elaborate family meals prepared every Sunday night by the aging chef father will put your takeout to shame.

The Exterminating Angel

Surrealist master Luis Buñuel directed this twisted dinner party flick, which sees guests inexplicably trapped in the host’s music room following their meal. Things get… weird.

Dinner at Eight

Stunning costume design, witty repartee, and gorgeous sets make this George Cukor movie a classic. The comedy of manners stars the glamorous Jean Harlow alongside John Barrymore (yes, Drew’s grandfather). All dinner parties should be this classy.