Kristen Wiig Does an Impeccable Anti-Impression of ‘The Bachelorette’s’ Jojo Fletcher


Last time Kristen Wiig was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she came dressed as Daenerys Targaryen (or as she called her, Karen), with a tiny plastic dragon on her shoulder and answered a series of questions about being the Khaleesi in something of an anti-imitation. Wiig remained staunchly Wiig-voiced, and seemed to have never (at least for the purposes of the joke) watched Game of Thrones. Last night, surrounding the release of Ghostbusters tomorrow, Wiig appeared again on Fallon, this time dressed as JoJo Fletcher from The Bachelorette — and the premise (that is, of just sounding like Kristen Wiig and making everything up on the spot) was pretty much the same.

Fallon shows her the men who’re are currently left in the contest for her affection, and asks her to name them. Wiig-JoJo bestows Luke Pell with the name “Scotchy,” while Jordan Rodgers becomes Mark Hamill and also “Jor Jor Binks,” Chase McNary becomes “Deucey” (“it started when we were playing cards and he got a lot of deuces. And he says ‘I’m gonna go number-deuce'”), and Robby Hayes is, simply, Korn. Watch her discuss all of her experiences on The Bachelorette, her ideal date (“chickens and animals everywhere — it’d be a romantic thing to see how someone’d react to all the animals… And then when you’re hungry…”), and her thoughts on Ghostbusters, as well as its star, Kristen Wiig.