Kathy Bates to Play the Owner of a Weed Dispensary in Chuck Lorre’s New Netflix Series


Perhaps you’re tired of seeing Kathy Bates having to play downtrodden characters who ultimately start murdering people (or becoming severed heads, or having beards and unplaceable accents). Okay, fine, nobody would ever tire of Kathy Bates on AHS. But perhaps if you’re wanting to see her in a world where every problem can’t be solved by supernatural gruesomeness, but rather with what the real world has to offer, like, say, weed, news of this new series will be rather exciting:

Deadline has announced that Bates will be playing the owner of an Los Angeles weed dispensary in a workplace comedy (where the workplace is said weed dispensary) by Chuck Lorre and the Daily Show’s former head writer, David Javerbaum, for Netflix.

The series is called Disjointed and was just given a 20-episode order. Deadline very vaguely says that someone said “it’s The Big Bang Theory, if the guys were not geniuses but selling weed.” Surely that was meant to be a complimentary statement about the show, but I’m personally hoping this “someone” meant it only in the most basic sense of it being about a niche culture. (Though given Lorre’s past shows even beyond The Big Bang Theory — namely Two and a Half Men — perhaps caution should be exercised with one’s excitement.) Per the description, Bates’ character was a veteran advocate for legalizing marijuana, and now that it’s legal in California, everything she always thought she wanted has come true, as she oversees a pretty consistently high staff, including three “budtenders,” her son, and a security guard.