The National and Låpsley Become ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Characters and Sing About Bathroom Shame in New Video


The National and Låpsley have covered a song from Season 6, Episode 19 of Bob’s Burgers, in which the titular animated burger chef gets his hopes for world renown very high when he hears that his restaurant will be profiled in Coasters Magazine. However, just before he’s set to be interviewed, he gets a case of the “panic poops” — but then finds himself glued to the toilet when it turns out that his daughter Louise had put goop on the toilet seat as part of a pranking battle with her brother. Alas, in that episode, dejected by the seeming dashing of his dreams via sticky toilet seat, Bob Belcher sings a mournful — and then hopeful! — song called “Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom.”

The National and Låpsley’s just-released (surprisingly listenable as a non-joke, and even a little dark) rendition of the song comes accompanied with a video, in which the band and singer are transformed into Bob’s Burgers-ish characters. Matt Berninger is cast, both in his vocal role and his animated one, as the Bob character, stuck atop the toilet, while Låpsley takes Louise Belcher’s lines from Kristen Schaal.


And here’s the original: