Rizzoli to Publish Book Devoted to Marc Jacobs’ InstaFamous Bull Terrier


Some scoffed at the idea of a Rizzoli-published book of Kim Kardashian’s selfies (called Selfish, as you may recall). It’s hard to tell whether those who did so will be more or less annoyed by the latest of the publisher’s occasional dips into absurdism: a coffee table book devoted solely to Marc Jacobs’ dog, Neville Jacobs, who happens to be an Instagram celebrity (with 189,000 followers and counting), because 2016. And because, admittedly, it’s a pretty damn adorable and delightful dog, no matter how many preppy sweaters the creature is forced to wear, or how many celebrities he’s forced to bear.

The book, titled Neville Jacobs: I’m Marc’s Dog, is set for release in September, and seems like it’ll boast vast biographical scope, as it’s quoted in the New York Observer as “chronicling his life ‘from puppyhood to today.'” The book is “written” by Nicholas Newbold — who’ll surely be able to provide accurate documentation of Neville’s life for those interested, given that he’s also the manager of the dog’s Instagram account — and Marc Jacobs himself.

The Amazon description gives a hint as to the high society activities that’ll be featured in the book:

From the Marc Jacobs offices (where Neville plays a key role) to the streets of SoHo, the dog runs of Manhattan, and even private jets to exotic vacations, Neville’s life is a whirlwind the likes of which most dogs could only twitch their paws and dream of.

And despite being a braggadocious member of the 1%, Neville seems to be pure of heart, especially when you hear it from Jacobs’ statement about the book:

[It’s] a thank-you note and love letter to my beautiful Neville, who with every glance from those expressive little triangular eyes, every humanlike cuddly embrace, every spontaneous outburst of clownish silliness that makes me smile and laugh, calms me like nothing or no one ever has—and who fills my heart with the greatest happiness and joy, forever reminding me that pure goodness and true love really exist.

For example:

Here’s the cover: