Daily Dose Pick: Uninhabitable Mansions


Brooklyn’s Uninhabitable Mansions are both an art collective and an indie-pop band featuring members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Au Revoir Simone, and Dirty on Purpose.

Fronted by CYHSY’s Robbie Guertin, the group released its debut album, Nature Is a Taker, this fall. A combination of danceable lo-fi art rock and dreamy shoegaze pop, the record spotlights each band member’s individual talents, while combining the various sounds of their other projects.

In addition to the album, Uninhabitable Mansions has a number of other projects on offer, including handmade art books, interactive short stories, poetry, and comics, all created by the various members of the collective — which is over ten people strong with artists and musicians combined.

Download two songs for free from RCRD LBL, visit the official Uninhabitable Mansions website, swing by the collective’s MySpace page, become a fan on Facebook, and buy the album