Colbert Dressed Like a ‘Hunger Games’ Character and Seemingly Commandeered the Stage at the RNC


“I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but honestly neither is Donald Trump,” said a blue wigged Stephen Colbert as he was escorted off the stage last night after apparently pranking the Republican National Convention with an elaborately costumed Hunger Games reference:

In a video on YouTube, the Late Show host (who’ll be covering the convention with Jon Stewart) can be seen dressed as Caesar Flickerman, the fictional TV personality played by Stanley Tucci in the films of the aforementioned series. The fully Tucci-ed out Colbert took to the stage yesterday night (a day before the convention officially began), got himself behind a podium, and declared that he was there to “launch and begin the 2016 Republican hungry for power games.” He also announced that Trump “has formed an alliance with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence” before promptly falling asleep. After waking himself up, he began started gaveling the podium, at which point someone proceeded to take him off the stage. It looks as though this wasn’t staged with the consent of the Convention, unless of course the man who escorted him offstage was in on the gag.

Colbert also recently donned the blue wig following Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

[Via Entertainment Weekly]