Amidst Celebrity Presidential Endorsements, John Oliver Gives His Official Endorsement to Animals in Human Clothes


Last Week Tonight is still on a break, but the program has released another “I’m still here” clip. Like last week’s, it’s terse — and certainly not researched or weighty like the comedy of the actual show can tend to be — but it’s funny and worth a watch. Here, John Oliver, Brit-who-cannot-vote-here, gives his endorsements of things that aren’t presidential candidates. He notes that Hillary Clinton was recently endorsed by Oprah, Gloria Steinem and Stevie Wonder, while Trump has been endorsed by Kid Rock and Stephen Baldwin. (His Stephen Baldwin sight gag is pretty priceless — and if you can’t imagine what a Stephen Baldwin sight gag might entail, you may have already guessed the nature of Oliver’s joke.)

His first endorsement is for “animals wearing people clothes.” He speaks into the camera, telling said animals in said clothes that they “are charming and a wholesome delight, unlike people wearing animal clothes, which is generally a specific sex thing.” Watch the video to find out what else Oliver is endorsing: