Take a Free Dance Workshop with FKA twigs in Baltimore


FKA twigs is performing this Wednesday in Baltimore with Travis Scott, and two days in advance of the show, she’s tweeted that she’ll be offering a free dance workshop to — well, seemingly whoever’ll fit. She announced the news on Twitter earlier this morning, notifying people that specifics were incoming:

Then, a little while ago, she shared the address:

This turns out to be the Baltimore Lithuanian Hall (whose rooms look like they can hold a fair amount of people, though perhaps not a whole city of FKA twigs fans wanting to learn to, say, vogue futuristically after having given birth to a bundle of lovely, diaphanous rainbow cloth.) Despite the prospect of having twigs as a teacher seeming rather intimidating, she also noted that the workshop would be not just for expert dancers:

The musician/dancer is experienced as a dance teacher: Footage previously existed on YouTube of a pre-fame FKA twigs teaching dance classes as a tutor for the London Urban Arts Academy — but alas, that seems to have been taken off YouTube.