Wilco, Shcmilco: Jeff Tweedy and Co. Have a New Album on the Way


As reported on Pitchfork this morning, there’s a new Wilco album on the way. And hey, that headline isn’t (just) your correspondent sharing his general feeling of mehness in regard to the band — in the grand tradition of Nilsson et al, the album is entitled Schmilco. It’s due out on September 9 via dBpm, and the news of its release is accompanied by a track entitled “If I Ever Was a Child,” which is available for download on iTunes now if you pre-order the album. Also on the album is the new song “Locator,” which was released last week and to which you can listen right here:

Perhaps most interestingly of all, the album comes with cover art by the wonderful Joan Cornellà, the wonderfully sinister Catalan cartoonist whose work we have featured here on Flavorwire in the past. The cover is pretty much what you’d expect from Cornellà, i.e. equal parts cutesy and terrifying — maybe the music will be the same! We can but hope.