Trump Has 0% Support from Black Voters in Ohio… Barring This Guy Played by Keegan-Michael Key


As part of Stephen Colbert’s extensive Republican National Convention coverage, the Late Show host managed to find a black delegate/Trump supporter at the overwhelmingly monochrome event: a man named Frank, who happened to be played by Keegan-Michael Key. The uniqueness of fictitious Frank’s political leaning is substantiated by recent polls: it was recently reported that in Pennsylvania and Ohio — where the convention takes place — Trump has 0 — and no, that’s not hyperbolic — percent of the black vote, according to polls by NBC/WSJ/Marist. The polls questioned 800+ people in each state — and from those numbers, none of the black participants in the poll voted for Trump over Hillary. (Meanwhile, the candidates are close to tied overall in Ohio, and in Pennsylvania Hillary has a lead on Trump by ten points.)

Key appears in the clip as the very gleeful Frank, sporting a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap, a Trump T-shirt, and an unwavering grin. He seems to be thrilled due all the attention he’s getting (and due to the extremist extravagance — “Chris Christie burned a witch earlier!”). He exclaims:

They gave me a hat, they gave me a shirt, they keep putting me on camera for some reason… they keep on saying, ‘you’re one of the good ones!’ You’re articulate!… The compliments just keep rolling on in, Stephen!

But alas, Trump supporters shouldn’t start patting themselves on the back too quickly about having won over one black voter: it turns out Frank ended up here for reasons not actually pertaining to Trump, but rather from another force dominating American/global conversation. And it turns out the Convention isn’t as welcoming for Frank as it might seem.


[Via Entertainment Weekly]