Watch Kate McKinnon “Gins-burn” Trump and Pence as Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon appeared as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — but a weird, giddy, exaggerated Ruth Bader Ginsburg who very much exists within the absurdist realm of McKinnon’s humor — for the Republican National Convention for MSNBC/SNL‘s Weekend Update coverage of the otherwise fear-inducing event.

She spoke with Colin Jost (who co-hosted with Michael Che) about the recent beef Trump picked with her — and her mental capacity. “Trump picked a fight with the wrong 15-pound 200-year-old marionette, baby,” she said, as she diminutively punched the air. This was all in response to Trump’s response to Ginsburg having called him a “faker” and saying that he “says whatever comes into his head at the moment.” And it turned out that what came into his head at the moment after hearing Ginsburg’s comments was:

McKinnon’s Ginsburg responded:

If my mind is shot, then Donald Trump’s mind is shot, stamped, strangled, put in a vat of wet cement and dumped in the Gowanus Canal. His mind is sleeping with the fishes, but it’s waking up to a Gins-burn.

For those of you non-New Yorkers, the Gowanus Canal is the smelly lick of water that oozes through part of Brooklyn and occasionally helps kill dolphins. On Earth Day this past April, a group of nuns and Franciscan friars tried to call on God to clean up the canal. So yeah. It’s a big insult.

Watch the clip, which also manages to get a Mike Pence Gins-burn in, below: